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‘Gallery of Meditation’

Explosions in Warsaw 11 Smolna Street
by smolnastreet11 @ 2010-03-21 – 07:56:13
London March, 2010

Hello! My name is Olga. I have been expelled from Poland for publishing the story below. People from Gazeta, the leading Polish title, closed my blog dedicated to this issue. So, I have decided to move here for few reasons. One of them is that the issue in question has become an issue of the international importance.

I have been working in marketing and communication for a pretty long time. Few months ago I realized that I needed to brush up certain skills as a ordinary journalist due to my new task that I was appointed. I asked one of my colleagues who is an experienced journalist in one of the leading Polish titles to give me some of his current work, so I could train a bit and he could have some free time in turn. He agreed immediately and gave me one of those boring mundane issues like conflicts among neighbors, problems with building administration and maintenance and so on.

My task was to find as much information as I could about the following problem:

‘A local Institute of Arabic Language and Culture in Warsaw 11/8 Smolna Street was complaining that guests coming to the ‘Gallery of Meditation’ belonging to the Brahma Kumaris organization that shares the main door and corridor with them repeatedly disturb them, because they don’t know which ring they should press. Due to lack of a proper identification of that Gallery and the ring itself, guests coming to visit the Gallery press on the ring belonging to the Institute which is disturbing. In turn, some of people trying to find the Gallery of Mediation belonging to the Brahma Kumaris complained that they can’t find them, they don’t know which ring they should press, because numbers in the entire building are in a strange order and there is no information on the door.’

Well, nothing really important; an issue that could be solved by a sensible man immediately, by attaching a clear message next to the ring on the front door and next to the main entrance. Obviously for some reasons it hadn’t been solved for years.

First thing that I did was a short visit in the building. The numbers there were total chaos. The rings at the main entrance were arranged according to some mysterious logic that I couldn’t grasp at first. I checked everything on each floor. The door shared by the Institute and the Gallery appeared like a door to a treasury house. I saw only one ring – the clearly signed ring of the Institute. Because I called the Institute in advance and set a meeting, they were waiting for me. They showed me everything, even their toilet. They occupy the left side, the Gallery – the right side and everything is separate. During our conversation we noticed that there are some discrepancies in the information concerning apartment numbers. Some sources showed that the Institute and the Gallery of the Brahma Kumaris are located in the same apartment, nr 8. Why, no one there knew. No one could say anything clear about the activities of the Gallery either. People from the Institute said that they hardly meet with those who take care of the Gallery, but it was very nice of them that they invested quite a lot of money in the renovation of the corridor, installed a quite massive main door at the end of it and painted everything. It certainly made the atmosphere better and the Institute only benefits from this. ‘But to receive more information about numbers, ownership and solve this problem of ‘8’ you will need to go to the administration office Warsaw, Galczynskiego 7’, they said to me.

I wrote to the administration office an e-mail and received no answer. I called them. I had to call them four or five times to be able to talk to them. A lady who answered my phone was rather impolite. Shortly I informed her about the aim of my call and reminded her about the e-mail. She admitted that they had received it, but didn’t pay attention to it. I asked her to explain to me why the same number ‘8’ is used for apparently two separate apartments occupied by two organization that have nothing in common. I explained to her that it was something that troubled the Institute and some of the guests visiting the Gallery. The lady didn’t want to talk about it. I reminded her of the fact that I am working for a newspaper and I am entitled to the official information about who is the owner of those two places. Is there one owner or are there more owners? She was repeatedly refusing, I was insisting. Eventually she decided to ask her colleague. She started telling him what we were talking about. The receiver was working and was listening to their conversation. The lady mentioned two names: Joanna Rekawek (female) and Slawomir Janicki (male) as the owners of Smolna 11/8a. When they finished, the lady said to me: ‘We can’t provide you with any personal data about the owners of those apartments.’ All right, thank you guys, have a nice day.

Next, I opened my computer and started surfing in the Internet. I checked various options and I found that there were few people called ‘Joanna Rekawek’. One was dr. med. Joanna Rekawek working in cardiology, Klinika Kardiologii, Instytut „Pomnik-Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka”, Al. Dzieci Polskich 20, 04–736 Warsaw. Another Joanna Rekawek was mentioned by the Pro Publico Bono as a member of the Raja Yoga Board and Brahma Kumaris in Poland. Another one was mentioned as the Brahma Kumaris secretary and was involved in some local affair (archives of Rzeczpospolita, one of the leading Polish newspapers). And there was another one – mgr. Joanna Rekawek working in the Polish National Medicine Institute, Narodowy Instytut Leków, 30/34 Chelmska Street, 00-725 Warsaw, tel. +48 22-851-43-69,+48 22-851-44-96, e-mail: There were few more, these four records were displayed in the Internet most often. I called the first one, explained the issue and received the information that she had nothing to do with that flat. She was very nice and ready to talk with me. I couldn’t find any contact to the second one. I tried few times to call the third one, in the Brahma Kumaris in Warsaw. I thought that they might be unwilling to talk about that scandal that was described in Rzeczpospolita with a local jounalist, so used English. But no one there could communicate with properly. I called the fourth one. Actually, I called her boss, because only the phone of her boss mgr. Bozenna Romatowska tel.: 022-841-36-51 answered. I explained the issue and she connected me to mgr Joanna Rekawek. I presented the issue and asked whether she could help me to solve the problem. Mgr. Joanna Rekawek strictly refused and started raising her voice. She became nervous and couldn’t speak peacefully. I couldn’t understand what was going on. She called me names, asking me in the local language whether I was ‘Mrs. Devilish’. I lost for words. ‘What’s a matter with her?’, I thought. All right! I called my colleague that gave that job asking what he usually did in situations like this. He said, ‘Speak in public and do not hide anything now. Write an official letter to the Institute.’

So, I wrote an open letter to the secretary of the National Medicine Institute explaining the situation and kindly asking them to forward the message to mgr. Bozenna Romatowska who was the boss of mgr Joanna Rekawek. I asked her in that letter to apologize to mgr Joanna Rekawek for the trouble I caused, but the issue needs explanations as it doesn’t concern a private apartment, but the place that is occupied by:

1. a public institution – the Institute of Arabic Language and Culture (part of the Warsaw University)

2. another public institution – Brahma Kumaris that is an officially registered sect (date of the registration 1985 … w_wy.html/ saying that: ‘Numer w rejestrze 22 SWIATOWY UNIWERSYTET DUCHOWY Brahma Kumaris W POLSCE Osoba kierujaca: Dyrektor Uniwersytetu Halina Paradela woj. mazowieckie 02-128 WARSZAWA ul. JASIELSKA 1 15-01-1990’

and Joanna Rekawek was mentioned as its secretary and was described as being involved in a serious local scandal.

See the document in the local language that comes from the archives of Rzeczpospolita of one the leading Polish titles: … ialce.html
The Brahma Kumaris were accused of the land misuse.

I sent the letter and waited. Next day I received a letter from the National Medicine Institute saying that I must have made a mistake, because neither mgr Bozenna Romatowska nor mgr Joanna Rekawek were employees of the Institute in questions. Honestly, I thought that either they got crazy or I. Yesterday I spoke to both, today they don’t exist anymore. I published the issue in Gazeta’s blog and officially asked for explanations. Some people didn’t like it and brought about closing my blogs by Gazeta.

I started searching more and I gathered many information about the Brahma Kumaris. Then, I managed to find people who used to be Brahma Kumaris students and left them or were expelled by them. I found people who did serious research on the Brahma Kumaris. I published it locally and exposed to the public. My blogs were visited by hundred people and managed to attract some international journalists. However, someone didn’t like the content of those blogs so much that they asked Gazeta to close all of them. Also few blogs that were dedicated to some spiritual matters allegedly of a great importance to the local BK.

Because I don’t give up, I have moved here.

For general information about Smolna Street, please visit Warsaw. The Institute of Arabic Culture and Language is located here:

Many journalists across the world were positively influenced by Phoenix Times.

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